Spicy Foods in Canada

Love spicy food?

If you do, then here’s great news for you. Studies say you just might live longer and get to enjoy your fill of spice and heat more than the average person. Canada is a multi-cultural country holding various food festivals throughout the year. With Toronto as one of the most diverse cities in the world, you’ll definitely find your level of spice in its hundreds of food places and restaurants to satisfy your craving for spicy food.

When it comes to spice, you probably have as many choices as there are nationalities living in the country. There’s Mexican food, Indian, Persian, Jamaican, Thai, Chinese/Sichuan, South Asian…name it, Canada probably has it.

Here are some of the most promising places for you to get your tongue burning just the way you like it:

Duff’s Famous Wings originated from Buffalo, NY. They’ve been serving the world-famous Buffalo Wings since 1969, and the craze was brought to Canada in 1998. They serve medium, medium hot, and hot wings paired with their traditional blue cheese sauce or creamy dill dressing.

Another popular place for your spicy cravings is Danforth Dragon. It’s an Indian-Chinese fusion with trademark Hakka dishes such as their pakora or spiced vegetable fritter, chili chicken, jeera beef, spicy egg roll, and the chili paneer with Chinese greens, among others

For your fill of Jamaican goodness, Taste Seduction offers some of the best Jamaican and international cuisine. Their jerk chicken mash-up dishes such as the jerk chicken mac-n-cheese, the jerk pesto shrimp fettuccine, and jerk chicken tacos are some of the spicy favorites.

One of the popular favorites, Sichuan Garden Restaurant is a local gem. If you like your Chinese food and love it spicy, then this is just the place for you. Some of the popular dishes are the Mapo tofu and hot pepper chicken, which you’ll definitely relish if you like the fire of peppercorns.

If you’re up for some Korean flavors, head on over to Home of Hot Taste. They’re famous for their crunchy Korean fried chicken and blazing fire chicken. Just from the name itself, you can expect some raging spice levels while enjoying the crunch that K-fried chicken is known for. They also offer kimchi, rice cakes, and other traditional Korean dishes with trademark spicy goodness.

These are just some of the popular and affordable spicy eats you can enjoy in Toronto, Canada. And if you’re in Toronto this summer, you can catch one of the many Toronto Food Festivals and try out more and new spicy offerings from different restaurants. Who knows what spicy goodness you’ll discover this year.