Summer 2022, satisfy your cravings for all things spicy at the Spicy Bites Food Festival in Toronto, Canada!

This event is nothing like the other food festivals that Toronto offers. Not only are the finest restaurants in Toronto taking part in this unique festival, but they are also bringing out their best flaming hot culinary masterpieces for you to sample and enjoy!


Set your taste buds ablaze with some of the zestiest dishes flavored with flaming hot peppers that will push your love for spicy foods to the limits. Or enjoy milder appetizers and desserts with just a hint of spice that is just right for your palate. The options are endless. This is going to be a food festival that offers something unique for every spicy food lover out there!

We are very excited to give you a taste of the most diverse selection of spicy foods that you have ever seen, all conveniently brought together in one location.

But then, world food festivals are not just about getting the chance to taste a wide variety of foods from different countries. These events are meant to give you a complete food experience! That’s why we have prepared a plethora of other activities that you can take part in.

While you are resting your palate in between food samplings, you can watch some of the amazing culinary demos that we have lined up for you. Expert chefs will demonstrate how you can prepare some amazing spicy foods right in your own kitchen. You can also sign up for cooking classes for a more in-depth learning experience.

Of course, Toronto food festivals will not be complete without great live bands gracing the show. For the Spicy Bites Food Festival, brace yourself for incredible live performances from talented artists from Canada, the United States, the Caribbean, India, Europe and more!

If you are visiting Toronto during the summer, the Spicy Bites Food Festival would be a wonderful addition to your itinerary. Make sure to free up your schedule so that you can join us during this fun-filled and very appetizing 2-day event. The city holds a lot of indoor and outdoor food festivals but if you are a fan of the spice, then you should not pass on the Spicy Bites food festival.