Spicy Food Overload – What to Do When You Can’t Take the Heat

Spicy Food Overload – What to Do When You Can’t Take the Heat

Eating spicy foods requires a bit of courage, especially if it is a new dish you are trying for the first time, or if you find yourself in a peppery challenge that you can’t back out of. And if you realize too late that your courage is more than your tolerance, you might end up with your mouth burning with pain unlike any you have ever felt before.

It’s not a very pleasant sensation but the good news is that there are a few things you can do for relief. Here are some of the best ways to cool down after taking that unexpectedly fiery mouthful of spicy food.

Do Not Drink Water

The first instinct is to reach for a glass of water. But instead of dissipating the heat, the water will only spread the capsaicin in your mouth, increasing the hot sensation. Putting an ice cube in your mouth will have the same effect.

Drink a Few Sips of Milk

Milk or other dairy products like yogurt will take the fire in your mouth. Dairy products contain casein which will cause the capsaicin in the pepper to disperse and keep it from activating the receptors in your mouth.

Take Sugar or Honey

A spoonful of sugar not only makes the medicine go down but it will also absorb the capsaicin from the spicy foods that you ate and diminish the painful sensation in your mouth.

Have a Bite of Bread

Any kind of bread will do, or any food that is rich in starch for that matter. The starch will take in the capsaicin and keep it from getting into contact with your receptors.

The next time you expect to be eating some spicy foods, like if you are heading to those amazing Toronto food festivals that feature spicy delicacies from around the world, try to take it slow especially with new and unfamiliar spices, and just take samplings within your heat capacity. But still, make sure to bring some milk and bread in case you overestimate your tolerance and unintentionally set your mouth afire.