Preparing for Your First Spicy Food Festival Experience

Preparing for Your First Spicy Food Festival Experience

Food festivals have been very popular in Toronto and other cities in Canada in recent years. It’s not hard to see why, either. These world food festivals are a great way to experience the culinary wonders from different countries and cultures without even leaving your city! If you have never been to any of the Toronto food festivals in the past, it is certainly not too late to start. Here are some tips that would give you a more delectable and fun-filled experience.

Wear Loose Clothing

Unless you are planning on just watching and buying stuff to bring home, you’d want to wear clothes with an elastic waistband. There will be plenty of food to try and it would be a pity to miss out on them just because your pants are already too tight.

Plan Your Itinerary

Food festivals typically draw in a lot of people. There will be long lines and it will probably get very crowded. To make the most of your time at the venue, check out the booth layouts prior to the event. Plan out your itinerary and stick to it as much as you can when you are actually at the festival.

Make Sure Your Outfit is Well-Ventilated

The combination of the crowds, the grills, the summer weather, and the spicy foods will definitely make you sweat up a storm. In outdoor food festivals, the sun will also add to the heat. So skip the long-sleeves and layered outfits and just come in a much more comfortable tank and shorts.

Bring Bread

Just in case you accidentally set your mouth on fire with some of the capsicum-intensive dishes, a bite of starchy bread or a small carton of milk will cool you down. Within minutes, you can continue on your spicy food adventure, but be sure to exercise more caution next time.

Finally, and this is the best piece of advice that we can give for your first spicy food festival experience, relax and have fun! Food festivals are a joy and once you’ve been to one, we promise you won’t be able to wait for the next!