All about the Jalapeno

All about the Jalapeno

There are hundreds of kinds of peppers in existence but most would agree that the jalapeno is one of the most popular varieties. It is widely used for all kinds of dishes and is particularly popular for appetizers. Jalapeno poppers are an all-time favorite and are something that even those who don’t particularly like spicy foods will want to eat.

Physical Properties

A typical jalapeno pepper grows to a length of 2 to 3.5 inches but there are some varieties that can become longer than 6 inches. They are harvested while still green but they are left on the plant, these peppers will turn a bright red color. The red jalapeno is sweeter than the green ones and slightly less spicy as well.

Heat Intensity

When it comes to the heat intensity, the jalapeno has a slight kick and gives just the right amount of burn. On the Scoville scale, the jalapeno measures between 2500 and 8000 Scoville Heat Units. It doesn’t even come close to the world’s hottest peppers but it can also be too spicy for some people to handle.

Health Benefits

They might not be the easiest food to swallow but jalapenos do have numerous health benefits. For starters, they have significant amounts of vitamin C, vitamin K and vitamin E. Just like most of the other peppers, jalapenos have antibacterial properties from the capsaicin. They are also said to help fight free radicals that cause cancer. More recently, jalapeno peppers are being touted for their significance in helping people boost metabolism and reduce weight.

Popular Uses of the Jalapeno

Jalapeno poppers might just be the most popular recipe that you can cook with these peppers. They are great as appetizers and side dishes. They can be grilled, broiled or baked. Jalapeno poppers also go very well with just about any kind of the main dish.

Jalapenos are also easily incorporated into many kinds of main courses. In fact, if you like going to spicy food festivals, you will see that a lot of the dishes being served there will likely have some amount of sliced or chopped jalapeno in them to add some kick and enhance the flavor.